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Enterprise Talk

Finding an Enterprise Voice Solutions for a big business can be tricky. With an ever-growing staff and client family and not forgetting everyday activities, you need something that integrates everything into one simple easy-to-use package.

Enter our Enterprise Voice Services in Kwazulu Natal. The Superman of internet telephone software!

Designed to fit larger businesses like call centers, brokerage firms, retail offices etc., Enterprise VoIP adds more power and more security without complicating things. Enjoy simultaneous chats, file transferring, screen sharing all whilst having access to your calling features in one interface. Convenience. Delivered!

You can also add on a host of features from increased encryption, automated call handling, conference calling to privatized internal phone networks.

We like to build the system with our clients in mind, this means numerous site visits and tweaking to allow you to get the communication system of your dreams, In Kwa Zulu Natal this means that we can have a daily approach to looking at your system and managing it. We don’t just install your system and walk away, we monitor and customise everything for you. Let us proactively manage your communication system in Kwa Zulu Natal.


What you get:

simultaneous chats

File Transferring

Screen Sharing

Access to calling features in one interface

Other features include:

Increased Encryption

Automated Call Handling

Conference calling to privatised internal phone networks

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