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Ready for the next level in fibre? You know you are!   Broadband Fibre takes any device and supercharges it with the fastest internet speeds – we’re talking Flash level fast! The secret? It’s all in the plastic or glass cables. By using these fibre optic cables instead of standard copper wires, you’re able to transfer and download data at up to 100mbs.
Do you need it? Fibre is to ADSL, what ADSL was to dial-up. The next step in evolution. If you like to check emails, casually go on social media and do online shopping every now and then, these are more suited for you. If you’re always online, have a growing business & family or simply love to be the first on the latest series, news and movies.
Fibre Broadband Services in Kwazulu Natal is definitely the option for you. Imagine downloading an HD movie in under 30 minutes as opposed to almost a day on other lines? Imagine no more, check to see if your area is fibre-ready then strap in for a next-level internet experience. We offer affordable and value for money Fibre options that save you more in the long run. Drop us a mail and we’ll handle the rest. If you’re always online, love to be the first on the latest series, news and movies – this is definitely the option for you. Check to see if your area is fibre ready then strap in for a next-level internet experience.
Broadband fibre is available in most metropolitons in Kwa Zulu Natal, we have extensive coverage to keep your business connected. If fibre is what you need, whether you are in Umhlanga, Westville, Hillcrest or other areas of Kwa Zulu Natal, we will most likely have a fibre solution for you. Contact us below to receive a coverage map of Kwa Zulu Natal. Enjoy on-the-go connectivity? Stay connected with high speed wireless through our mobile broadband options using portal modems or even your phone. By tapping into cellular towers around you, we’re able to deliver up to 4G speeds at even the most remote locations.
For the home or office, our fixed option gives you up to 10mbs lines in capped and uncapped packages, plus with quick installation, you just need to plug in and you’re ready to play, stream and chat.
Wireless Broadband Service Providers in Kwazulu Natal is the choice of connectivity, due to the vast expanses and areas covered, it is not currently feasible to lay Fibre everywhere in Kwa Zulu Natal, this means that we need to look at other methods of connectivity, to succeed we needed to look at alternates, to solve this issue we used Broadband Wireless in Kwa Zulu Natal

Larger Families

Suitable for larger families and accomodation locations.


Growing Businesses

Works like a charm for growing businesses with a lower pricepoint.



Great for large amounts of streaming.