What we offer you

Think of Dedicated Fibre like an exclusive invite only membership to your favourite spot. Unfiltered access, increased security and around the clock support for your business. Want to know more? Here it comes… It’s all in the name – Dedicated Fibre. You don’t have to worry about sharing your connection with other businesses, you get the internet you need, when you want it. That means seamless and fast upload and download speeds, perfect for storing data on cloud servers or offsite hubs. Plus, you get a Service Level Agreement that guarantees you the best service and support we can offer! With a 99% uptime and a 5 hour turnaround, those heavily intensive companies that rely solely on the internet, this means that there is no longer an issue of downtime, this means you can focus on your business and not sit on a phone to a call centre waiting for the technician to repair your system. Let us worry about the issues and monitor the status of your repair to keep you online, All SLA’s are upgradeable to a 24/7 SLA which means no matter what day of the week or time of the day, you are guaranteed to get a resolution. Downtime costs you money, sometimes more than the cost of the internet, so why no go a step further and get a failover network link? This seamless failover will keep you up and running while the repair gets actioned on your primary link.

Cloud Server

The best solution for companies with large cloud environments


Dedicated Bandwidth

Dedicated International bandwidth for your organisation


Fastest Links

With up to 10GB of Bandwidth, you can guarantee the fastest connections ever


Service Level Agreement

With a high level SLA agreement, you are guaranteed uptime to keep your business operating smoothly.