What we offer you

Are you worried about employees not performing when working from home? Look no further than our shadowtrac employees productivity tool. This gives you insights into productivity in minutes. The basic uses for monitoring include measuring employee performance, preventing illegal activities, avoiding sensitive info leakage, and catching insider threats. Today’s business operations seek to be as efficient as possible. Use Shadowtrac to compare work patterns of the top performers on the team to streamline workflows and boost productivity.

Track Application Usage to Manage Costs Discover all of the applications and licenses you pay for in your organization and how many people actually use them. ActivTrak lets you manage application overload and cost by determining which are necessary to operations and which can be eliminated.

  • Take inventory of all programs used by every employee.
  • View application and website usage logs to determine utilization levels and how many licenses you really need.
  • Identify frequently used unproductive apps or websites and set usage limits.
  • Discover poor performing software or systems.
  • Determine whether the right amount of resources are used to deliver a service, product or activity.
Get clear visibility into employee, team or department groups’ work time behavior with the Working Hours report.
  • Understand work durations and trends for both remote and in-office employees.
  • View first activity, last activity, total time and productive and unproductive time in hours.
  • Analyze activities weekly, monthly and yearly to discover optimal scheduling
  • Uncover spikes in workload to identify potentially overworked employees.
  • Use the data insights to redistribute staffing levels or introduce new workflows.