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Here’s what you need to know! Fibre to the home or as you’ll commonly see FTTH, is all about bringing the fastest internet speeds straight to your home or business. By installing optical fibre from a central point, you can enjoy the internet the way it should be. From HD streaming to on-the-ball gaming and downloading, do it all at crazy stupid speeds – like up to 100MBs per second crazy! We also offer fibre to the curb or FTTC as we IT people call it, to minimalise the installation cost and maximise the reach within neighbourhood communities and businesses.

Our Services

Up to 4k quality
Picture this: you’re streaming your favourite show and it’s getting good, like about to find out who the killer is good, then all of a sudden…the dreaded buffering ball pops up. That’s what we call a horror story. Fibre allows you to enjoy HD, buffer-free content as it happens. From Netflix and Showmax to YouTube and DSTV Now, never miss a cliffhanger or goal again.
It’s a smart move
Business or pleasure, Fibre is a smart move whichever way you look at it. Save money with reduced monthly installment rates, enjoy consistent and strong internet speeds that aren’t affected by weather and enhanced VoIP voice quality! Sound good? Get connected and turn your home or business into a hub of connectivity.
South Africa
We can get you covered. In South Africa we have up to 15 different FTTH Fibre Service Providers so we can give you the best option for your area.

Consistent Speed

With our fibre to the home solution, lets get you consistent speed


4K Resolution

Stream 4k resolution effortlessly with our FTTH Solution


Affordable Price Tag

Our Fibre to the home solution has an affordable price tag.