What we offer you

With our SME Voice package, we offer you a hosted telephony system, aka VoIP, that’s big on smart solutions and even bigger on savings. VoIP has flexible and personalised reporting tools to offer you exactly what you’re after. Running a business comes with a lot of talking, right? From liaising with clients to keeping in contact with your staff, constant communication requires constant connectivity. That’s where we come in! Free VoIP to VoIP phone calls? Check! Fully functional phone switchboard? We got you covered! Multiple extension lines and integrated business to mobile lines? Oh yes! Stress free relocation services? Of course! Say goodbye to extensive landline issues and hello to the future of connectivity. Think about it, you already use your internet for messaging, entertainment and shopping, so why not your calls? Whether you run a call center, real estate or travel company, SME Voice has real Small Business Voice Solutions in Kwazulu Natal to make your business even smarter. Say you’re out the office or engaged with a client, with SME Voice you can get your voicemail sent directly to your email. Improve your customer’s experience by letting them speak directly to who they need to with voice prompting minus any unintentional delays. Chat to us and see how we can keep you connected for less. As a small business, you need a provider that can help you not only in Kwa Zulu Natal but the rest of the country as well, we can support your remote and other branches throughout, this means that you can act as if you are in the same office, whether or not you are in fact in the same office.

Free On Net Calls

Free Calls to any other clients of ours.



Fully Functioning Physical Switchboard



Seamless integration into other systems



Personalised reporting tools



Stress Free relocation services.