What we offer you

Whether you’re after uncapped connectivity or a capped data plan, Broadband Wireless is the old friend you’ll never want to leave. Through the use of Wi-Fi connections or radio frequency, we’re able to bring you the ADSL connections you’re familiar with, minus the cables. All you’ll need is a wireless router and ta-dah – internet! Choose between fixed or mobile solutions that best fit your home or business needs. Enjoy on-the-go connectivity? Stay connected with high speed wireless through our mobile broadband options using portal modems or even your phone. By tapping into cellular towers around you, we’re able to deliver up to 4G speeds at even the most remote locations. For the home of office, our fixed option gives you up to 10mbs lines in capped and uncapped packages, plus with quick installation, you just need to plug in and you’re ready to play, stream and chat. Wireless Broadband Service Providers in Kwazulu Natal is the choice of connectivity, due to the vast expanses and areas covered, it is not currently feasible to lay Fibre everywhere in Kwa Zulu Natal, this means that we need to look at other methods of connectivity, to succeed we needed to look at alternates, to solve this issue we used Broadband Wireless in Kwa Zulu Natal

ADSL Without the cables

You get a wireless broadband solution, no cables, just fast internet


Capped or Uncapped

We offer capped and uncapped solutions suited to your needs.


Microwave based

With our Microwave solution, you have a best of breed wireless connection.